Contemporary Comrades

Dearly Departed:

Paul Avrich
b. New York, NY - 1931
d. New York, NY - 2006

Scholar, author, educator, anarchist.

Barbara Hirshkowitz
b. Brooklyn, NY - 1950
d. Philadelphia, PA - 2007

Publisher, Buddhist, activist, anarchist.

Nunzio Pernicone
b. New York, NY - 1940
d. Philadelphia, PA - 2013

Scholar, author, educator, anarchist.

Clara Solomon
b. New York, NY - 1913
d. New York, NY - 2001

Activist, pianist, anarchist.

Sidney Solomon
b. Pogost, Russia - 1911
d. New York, NY - 2004

Activist, painter, anarchist.


b. Philadelphia, PA - ?

d. Philadelphia, PA - 2006

Lover, fighter, anarchist, cat.

Texts Available:

Paul Avrich:
A Eulogy

by Robert P. Helms

Love and Anarchy:
A Profile and Interview with Paul Avrich

by Susan Phillips

Barbara Hirshkowitz:
Activist, Buddhist, Anarchist

by Robert P. Helms

Nunzio Pernicone: Obituary 

[originally appeared in the

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review]
by Robert P. Helms

A Tribute to Clara and Sidney Solomon
Clara Solomon: A Eulogy
by Robert P. Helms and
A Dream of Love: Sidney and Clara Solomon in Paris

Harry: A Memorial

by Alison M. Lewis

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